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Over the hills and far away 2

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Over the hills and far away 2

Postby V8Rik on Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:32 pm

Just spent six months in Bulgaria hooning around in the 2.2 DTI Frontera Sport....great fun in the mud and up shale cliffs indeed. :D

While I was over there I purchased a bleed bulb and hoses to bleed the fuel injection side of things, nice and cheap. Also bought a couple of inlet manifold gaskets and pulled the manifold and butterflies off to give them a good clean as they had around half an inch of thick black crud all over them. On re-assembly i made the school boy error of actually touching one of the fuel return "T" pieces which crumbled to dust.....back into town for a new set complete with new Opel hoses, then spent a couple of hours trying to dig the remains of the old return pipes out of the injectors.

I spent way too long trying to work out how the hell I was supposed to keep the schrader valve in the bleed port open while I was trying to suck/bleed the fuel back through to the injection pump, in the end I slid an 8mm twist bit into the pipe and every time i wanted the fuel dragged through I just pressed down on the twist bit and whoosh, up it came. There are probably many other proper ways to do this.....but it works when you havn't got the correct gear. ;)

Totally different car now the engine can breathe properly, bags of torque and spins up rather well compared to how it was, and I wasn't complaining then.

It's now tucked away in one of the barns with it's winter cover on with the engine filled with minus 50 antifreeze waiting until next spring.....tiss a little cracker. :thumbup:
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