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Frontera Owners Group Rules

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Frontera Owners Group Rules

Postby Drift on Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:24 pm

Hi, welcome to Frontera Owners Group.

Please Note our Forum Rules
By joining the group you are agreeing to bide by these rules.

Frontera Owners Group is a friendly group.
We are all here to help each other out in any way we can.

FOG (Frontera Owners Group) will NOT tolerate…

1. Swearing
2. Email abuse
3. Racism
4. Uploading of material which may be offensive to others
5. Post comments that may be offensive to others
6. Any Gifs/Images which would cause offence to other members
7. Any offensive Signatures
8. Any attempted disruption of the site by a member, the member will be banned from the site.
9. Spamming or multi-posting, please post one question in one section.

Posts that are off topic or deemed offensive will be removed, this at the discretion of the forum Moderators or Administrators.

Please refrain from posting any personal information such as telephone numbers, email addresses or home/personal addresses.
Use the Private Message (PM) facility for that purpose.

Please refrain from making pointless posts such as "bumping" of topics, and quoting a post that is directly above yours.

The FOG Administrator/Moderator reserves the right to ban or remove any member who does not conform to the Forum Rules.

The Complaints Process.

Should have any grievances with the group or a particular member
please PM a Moderator or Administrator.

Your grievance will be treated with privacy and will not be
disclosed to the group.

Disclaimer - Website content and advice given freely by its members.

All the material contained on this site is for information purposes
only and does not constitute; advice, recommendation or endorsement
of any nature. Other parties information may vary from that publicised here.
All the information contained on this site is provided in good faith
and users are advised to always check all details with appropriate
organisations if clarification or confirmation of any kind is


Any items bought; sold, advertised via the Frontera Owners Group is strictly between the Buyer and the Seller.
The Frontera Owners Group will not be held liable for any items incorrectly described, faulty equipment, warranty or refunds.
Any disputes between the buyer and seller are to be resolved between the two parties.
The Frontera Group Administrators/Moderators will remove any items offered for sale that do not fully describe the article or of a commercial nature for profit which must be submitted as adverts through the site Administrators.
All adverts should include a full description, location and price. Adverts with phrases like "Open to offers", "What's it worth" etc may be removed without notice.

FOG will not play any other part in these transactions other than advertising the information and details received for the advertisement.
How ever if any member is proved to have carried out dishonest transactions they could be removed from FOG or banned from selling items on FOG.
We can not and will not give out any personal information of members without prior consent of that member.

Members wishing to sell any items on FOG including cars must have a minimum post count of 50 meaningful posts.
FOG is not a free alternative to Ebay or any other commercial selling website (please consider this when selling multiple or expensive items) and we do not welcome commercial sellers or advertisers.

Every effort will be made for all adverts to be correct at the time of publishing.

Our website has links to external websites over which Fronteraowners.co.uk has no control and assume no responsibility, and are in no way acting as a publisher of material, information, links, and content contained on external linked websites.
Links may become invalid, may expire, or may become misdirected at any time.
Links are provided as a convenience and do not necessarily constitute, signify, or otherwise imply an endorsement by, or an endorsement for, or a relationship with, or connection with FronteraOwners.co.uk.
The statements expressed on external linked websites are not those of The Frontera Owners Group; and users are advised that FronteraOwners.co.uk does not maintain editorial control over external linked websites or determine the appropriateness regarding the material, information, links, and content contained on external linked websites.


It is important that you undertake all possible safety measures when
working on vehicles.
Frontera Owners Group or any of its members
will not be held liable for any accidents/injuries or implications
as a result of information published

To make your stay more rewarding, the following are a few simple guidelines with some additional pertinent information.

Forum Administration

The role of the Forum Admin team is to manage the day to day running of the forum, removing spam postings and fraudulent attempts to scam us and to ensure that none of the Forum Rules are breached. They also have to power to ban members who don’t tow the line, so play nicely. Admins also take on the roles of the Forum Moderators.

Forum Moderators:

Also patrolling the forum are a number of forum moderators.
Their role entails, amongst other things, to move threads posted in the wrong section to the correct section, keep an eye out for bad language and/or behaviour, and report and breaches that they cannot directly deal with to the Forum Administration Team.

Area Representatives.

Whilst this forum is frequented by members from all over the world, the majority of us are located in the UK. To manage events more effectively, there are forum sections for different parts of the country, each section having its own Area Representative. Their role is to act as a focal point for events and activities in their area, and whilst not necessarily organising all the events in an area, offer assistance to those who might wish to.

First things first

Thank you for registering with us, we do hope you enjoy your stay. In order to assist us to help you, there are a couple of things you can do for us:

The first thing we would like for you to do for us (if you have not already done so), is to edit your profile and enter your Location: (eg, Staffordshire, South Wales, Manchester, etc)

The second thing we would like you to do is edit your Signature, to include your vehicles details (eg 1995 N 2.8TDi LWB)

Introduce yourself

Feel free to introduce yourself in the New Members section (this is also a good place to experiment with some of the editing functions). We’re sure you get a warm welcome from our members.

Please, do not use the New Members section to post questions you might have with your vehicle.
A technical question should be posted in the relevant section, either by engine type or the part you’re having problems with – that way, all the problems are kept together and their solutions are therefore easier to find.

Common Courtesy

As with most internet discussion forums, it is considered extremely bad manners to write your message all in CAPITAL LETTERS, similarly, writing your entire message in bold type is also considered rude – in fact, using anything other than the standard font for the main body of your message is a bit of a no no.

Bold, Italics, underline and the different colours should be used for emphasise and to perhaps add a little variation – but not the whole thing.

The Search Button

If you have a question, it is often worth searching the forum to see if it has been asked (and answered) before.

Give it a try – you’ll be surprised at what you might find.

How to ask a question

Firstly, ensure you subject title is meaningful.

“Help” is not a suitable subject title, even if it is followed by twenty two exclamation marks. A better title would be:

“Knocking noise from front of car”, or perhaps even better would be “Front end knocking under braking”

In the main body of you post, expand on your subject title:

“Under braking, especially in the wet, there is a metallic knocking noise that appears to come from the front passenger side”

Then, go on to explain what you have tried during you initial investigation.

“Initially, I thought the symptoms were related to a wheel bearing so I jacked up the front and wobbled the wheel around, with a friend assisting on the brakes, but could find nothing untoward”

Here, you have demonstrated your willingness to try and help your self and not just wait for someone else to do all the work for you. You have also eliminated the wheel bearing from the problem, giving the Technical Team a head start in diagnosing the issue.

We appreciate that not everybody is mechanically minded, or even has a decent set of tools – don’t be afraid to say so.

When you finally resolve the issue, it would be greatly appreciated if you would return to your thread and post what you did to get it all working again – that way, everyone will have access to the full solution.

Please type coherently

We’ve mentioned capital letters and bold type, so perhaps it’s time we mentioned SMS text speak.

Don’t do it – it makes you look stupid and you’ll find a lot of people won’t be bothered to read your post – why should they; you didn’t bother to type properly.

Also, please make use of sentences, using commas and full stops where necessary and of course use the occasional new paragraph. Long paragraphs with no punctuation are very difficult to read and can often be misunderstood.

Lastly, spelling. Whilst the odd little typo can be excused, please consider using a spell checker, especially if your spelling isn’t that good (as mine isn’t). Copy and paste from a word processing program if you wish, or use an internet browser plug-in to assist you.

How to post pictures.

This forum does not have the facility to upload pictures. Pictures have to be uploaded to either your own web space (if you have any – refer to your ISP) or to an on-line picture hosting facility such as Photobucket.

Maximum Picture/Avatar sizes.

Max Avatar size allowed on this forum is 120 x 120, any bigger and we will ask you to re-size it

Not everyone is able to access the internet with a fast broadband connection and therefore we have imposed a maximum size for posted pictures.

The current maximum size picture permitted is 650x650 pixels (If you exceed that size, your image will be removed by the Forum Admin or Moderation team.

The code of conduct (or forum rules) are there for a reason. If you break the rules you’ll get a warning. If you continue to break the rules, you will be banned.


The Frontera Owners website and discussion forum is owned by a private individuals.
Donations, whilst not compulsory, any donations are gratefully received and all money is used to fund various meets to keep costs down for members, no money is used for funding the forum.


If you have any issues that you feel cannot be resolved in the public forum, please contact an Administrator or Moderator by using the PM (Private Mail) facility.

Contacting the Management Team

The Management Team would like to point out that this is a public forum, available for the benefit of all its members. Please refrain from asking technical questions by PM (private Mail) to the Management Team, as you will get a quicker better answer by posting in the relevant forum section and the questions and answers will benefit all members.


Generally, events are arranged and organised by individual members with a forum post advertising the appropriate details. If you wish to take part, respond to the discussion thread and keep a look out for further information.
No FOG member should charge another FOG member to participate in an event, with the exceptions of sharing any incurred costs (hire of toilets, property/land or equipment etc)


Welcome to the Frontera Owners Group discussion forum.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the above. We hope the information will pay dividends in the weeks and months to come.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

The FOG Management Team
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